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What we Do

Congleton Methodist CircuitThis What we Do section covers ongoing activities which are of Circuit-wide significance, although we sometimes mention church-specific activities as examples.

In the section for Our Churches you will find a fuller set of ongoing activities of more local significance.

Items listed under ‘What We Do’ are ongoing activities or are the names of action groups. Click any blue underlined text to see more about any such group or activity. Pale grey text refers to an activity or group that does not have a further description. Contact individual churches for details.

There are so many activities that they have been grouped into sections to make things easier to find.

  • Worship – Any coming together of our people to worship – not just church services.
  • Outreach – Activities where we reach out to people beyond those attending our churches
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  • Fellowship – Activities where a significant part of the objective is socialising
  • Administration – The nuts and bolts of operating the circuit and its churches
  • Projects – A sample of the special initiatives we have taken to support or reach others

Who we are

  • Our People – Showing some of our people and something of what we do
  • Our Circuit – What is a Methodist circuit? What is Methodism? Where is Congleton?
  • Our Churches – Where they are and how to get there
  • Our Locality – Descriptions of Congleton and district, its government and history


Cloud Chapel held an open day as part of English Heritage Week. The escorts created one scarecrow of Hugh Bourne, to mark the 200th anniversary of Primitive Methodism, and another of Charles Wesley, to mark his 300th anniversary.

The children made the scarecrows to go on display at The Grange gardens, Biddulph, Staffordshire, as part of a scarecrow exhibition. They drew pictures of the sort of clothes they thought might have been worn and conducted a bit of computer research into each of the men. This improved knowledge of history helped our Sunday School children understand the association between Cloud Chapel and Hugh Bourne.


You are unsung heroes. That’s how politicians described the churches who campaigned as part of ‘Make Poverty History’. They concluded that faith groups might have had a low profile at national level, but were vital to the successes achieved.

We have to rediscover our heroism and to stand up against poverty, ensuring that promises are not forgotten and escorts had helped too. Global Call to Action Against Poverty campaigners called for a month of action

In the London UK Escort, this included reminding our government of one particular promise. Aid and debt relief often come with damaging strings attached: poor countries are forced to follow particular trade policies, or to make trading concessions that benefit rich countries rather than their own people.

Thanks to campaigning by friends and escorts, the UK government has recognised the harm caused by unfair conditions and has promised not to use them any more. But it continues to fund the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and World Bank which still enforce the very same conditions.

MRDF (Methodist Relief and Development Fund), Christian Aid and others were in London to ‘drum the message home’ and give ministers Gordon Brown and Hilary Benn an unforgettable send-off to the IMF and World Bank meetings.

What everyone can do

Whether it’s joining a rally, sending an email, writing to your MP, wearing your white ‘Make Poverty History’ armband or breaking a world record, you should do whatever you can to stand up against poverty!