Wellspring Weekend at Quinta Hall

Wellspring Church spent a weekend away at Quinta Hall in Shropshire. It proved to be every bit as successful as the previous visit. Over seventy ‘Wellspringers’ took part. It was another fantastic weekend enjoyed thoroughly by young and old alike. More importantly, everyone who attended has been been challenged to seek out and be open to God’s plans for Wellspring Church and to pray about the role we as individuals will have to play.

Pray without Ceasing

Four o’clock on a winter’s morning may seem an improbable time for people to be gathered at Wellspring church for a short service of praise and worship but this was how our day of ‘Pray without Ceasing’ began. Monica Rushton had organised a day of events at Wellspring, which included an act of worship to open the event, a closing act of worship at 6 pm and throughout the day there was a prayer journey as well as space for quiet and reflective prayer which many people found valuable.

The prayer walk started at Rood Lane and finished at Wellspring. Other churches in the circuit also took part as prayer hours were held at Bosley, Lower Withington, Trinity and Brookhouse Green with Davenport.

Many Methodists in Congleton took part in the day and so became a small part of the chain of prayer which will go around the Methodist Connexion throughout the year.

Congleton Prayer Walk

It was a cold, rather damp, winter’s day, approaching eight o’clock in the morning, when all sensible people are either in bed or just settling down to breakfast. But something, and somebody, was afoot in the grey Congleton dawn because it was the day the Circuit had been allocated in the Connexional ‘Pray without Ceasing’ programme. A small group from churches around the circuit was about to embark on a Prayer Walk organised by Sylvia Harrison.

Our first port of call was Rood Lane Methodist Church where we were welcomed with tea, coffee and scrumptious biscuits. We shared a time of prayer and left a specially written prayer behind. Suitably fortified we headed for the United Reformed Church where we were led in prayer and again left a written prayer behind. We continued to Visyon, the counselling service for young people coping with severe stress, where we repeated the process. Then it was a quick dash to Readesmoor Medical Group Practice to pray and leave a prayer.

This pattern was repeated at the Library, the Police Station, the Town Hall, the Congleton Chronicle newspaper, the Youth Information Shop (Vibes Cafe), Moody Hall Residential Home (now called Chapelbrook House), St. Peter’s Church and, finally, the War Memorial Hospital. Then, what was left of the weary band of ‘prayers’ descended on Wellspring Methodist Church for warm drinks and warm fellowship.

Sylvia had written to each place we were to visit and, as a result, at a number of places we were met and warmly welcomed, particularly at St. Peter’s and Rood Lane. The Chronicle newspaper printed their prayer, Visyon and the Vibes Cafe framed theirs and put them in a prominent place, the United Reformed Church left theirs on their door for visitors and passers by to see.

It was a cold day, but a really heart-warming experience with noticeable, yet incalculable benefits. We are all in Sylvia’s debt for the careful way she organised and led the event. I, for one, would like to see it repeated in some form or another.