Methodist Church

The Methodist church was founded in the mid-18th century by a small group of students who met at Oxford University. The students included John Wesley and Charles Wesley who greatly emphasized on the Christian living.  They founders focused methodological study of the Bible and on putting love and faith into action in their daily lives. As a result, the term ‘Methodist’ was used to refer to the group because they emphasized on living by ‘method.’

What do the Methodists believe?

One of the most common factors that bind a group together is what they believe in and the purpose they have when they come together. Similarly, the Methodist church around the world is united by common beliefs in which they believe that they have an obligation to live by as they witness and live according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. To ensure that their obligations are fulfilled, the members reflect critically on their theological and biblical teachings as they strive to faithfully witness and preach the Gospel of Christ through evangelism. They believe in the Holy Trinity that states that God is one God in three: God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Also, the Methodists believe that all human beings are sinful by nature, but through Christ, they get redemption from sin.

Diversity within the beliefs

As the common saying goes, the world needs a diversity of thought in order to be able to face new challenges. Similarly, the Methodists have a belief that people may not think alike but this should not stop them from loving alike. There is a great diversity of opinions on many matters mainly the social issues like alcohol, capital punishment, and gambling. These matters have gained different opinions from different people with many arguing that they are a menace to the society and dangerous to the moral and spiritual life of an individual.

All in all, the church believes and understands that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for salvation is a gift that cannot be measured and we should live our lives for Him.